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Dear Marx:

away from
Princeton I will find,
hopefully, time and jest
to write you a long letter.
Your Pamphlet was very well



Notes to my Collaborators

* Our address during the rest of the summer and part of the fall is:

300 Catalina Avenue (off Rt. 37)
Pelican Island
Seaside Heights,
New Jersey, 08751

Jan Sammer will be with us.

In this all year round retreat I hope to progress on several manuscripts.

* I cooperate with Ralph Juergens on two manuscripts:

1) “Poisoned Arrows” - the arguments raised through the years against my work, mainly Worlds in Collision, and the answers in the light of 1977 (Order in the solar system and Stonehenge, Thera and local catastrophism, drifting continents as solution to geophysical changes, absence or presence of electromagnetic interactions in the solar system (and universe), solar or lunar eclipses before the seventh century before the present era, Venus’ movements in antiquity (“Ammizaduga Tablets” ) etc.).

2) “Seventy Odd Ways”, a review of the variety of techniques of suppression in science.

Ralph spent 15 days in Princeton (May 21 - June 5)

* With Lynn Rose I cooperate in preparing a historically true and complete account of the Symposium “Velikovsky’s Challenge to Science”: this will also be the title of our book. The Symposium was a confrontation between myself and the panel (Prof. D. Mulholland, celestial mechanics, C. Sagan, planetary science, P. Huber, Babylonian astronomy, etc.) selected by the astronomical section of the AAAS for the morning and evening sessions of February. 25, 1974. The account will elucidate also the prolonged negotiations that led to my exclusion from the Proceedings as prepared by the organizers (O. Gingerich, D. Goldsmith, and I. King) for publication by the Cornell University Press. This Cornell volume, after several delays is scheduled for the fall, entitled “Scientists Confront Velikovsky”.

* Several weeks ago the galley proofs of Raises II and His Time with many corrections and additions that may require resetting of several chapters were returned to Doubleday. At present Jan prepared 32 photographs for illustrations, I still have to write a number of pages before W. Bradbury, my editor at Doubleday, sends the proofs to the printer it is a matter of days only. The publication is scheduled for February, 1978,

* I had a visit of William Armstrong, editor-in-chief of Sidgwick & Jackson, my London publisher of Peoples of the Sea. More than - half of the British edition was distributed through “Book Club Associates”. Sidgwick & Jackson, like Doubleday, plans the publication of Ramses II for February, and advertized it in its catalogue for early 1978.

* The University of Glasgow plans a convention on my work to take place on April 6-7. I wrote to Euan Mackie in answer to his letter that I intend to come, and with me several scholars. I have already extended invitation to David Lorton and Robert Bass.

* In March at the University of Leeds a session with a number of papers presented on my historical reconstruction took place.

* Christoph Marx (Rebgasse 16, 4102 Binningen, Switzerland) engaged Prof. E. Hornung, Egyptologist at the University of Basel, in a challenging discussion. Hornung’s present course is on “Ramses II and His Time” (the same as the title of my forthcoming book). Marx printed a “Denkschrift” and it was distributed to all 54 participants of Hornung’s course. Hornung then expressed his willingness to debate it.
Before this, Marx spent with us in Princeton from 20th April to 1st of May, and acquainted himself with several of my unpublished manuscripts. I gave him wide powers to represent me in academic contacts arid arrange for the publication of translations of my books. Upon his return from Princeton he reported to the British Group on his visit.

* An Index of 278 pages, covering Worlds in collision. Ages in Chaos Earth in Upheaval, Oedipus and Akhnaton, also papers that I printed in Pensée, Harper’s, and my Theses of 1945, was prepared by Mrs. Alice Miller of San Francisco.
The arrival of the Index in April was a surprise to me. She wrote me only once earlier, in December 1970, telling me of her desire to be of assistance.
The Index will be out of the bindery in a week and will be offered for sale. It carries the imprint of the Center at Glassboro State College as its publisher. R. Hewsen wrote a preface and I a Foreword. It was printed in 1500 copies, all hard-cover. New subscribers to Kronos will be able to purchase the volume for half price ($6.00 instead of $12.00). Mrs. Miller started work on the second volume of the Index covering Peoples of the Sea, Ramses II and His Time, and other forthcoming volumes and articles in Kronos.

* Eva Danelius’ review of Peoples of the Sea was prominently printed in the Jerusalem Post on Independence Day (April 30) of Israel.
Hyam Maccoby, who published a review in the Listener has written a full-length article on the revised chronology for Midstream, where it will be published in the fail.

* I had the visit of Bronson Feldman, who works on a new Haggada that will incorporate views found in Worlds in Collision, Ages in Chaos, and Earth in Upheaval. I promised to assist him in his intent to prepare the Haggada already for reading at next spring’s Seder.

* Before these notes will be mailed out we expect the arrival of our granddaughter Rivka Kogan from Israel for a visit of several weeks. She is a student at Mikhlala in Jerusalem. Completing her studies at Beth Sefer Real School in Haifa, she wrote as her graduation essay a review of the first four chapters of Ages in Chaos, that resulted in a Strong disagreement between the faculty of the school and its director on one side (praising her), and the Ministry of Education (rejecting her paper) on the other side. At that time the Ministry was under Yiga Allon.

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