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Lethbridge University

“Velikovsky and Cultural Amnesia” Symposium
May 9-10, 1974

Honourary Degree Awarded to Immanuel Velikovsky

On 19 March 1973 the General Faculties Council of the University of Lethbridge passed a motion unanimously recommending “that Immanuel Velikovsky be granted an Honourary Degree Doctor of Arts and Science at the Spring Convocation of 1974.” This motion was forwarded to the Senate of the University for consideration. At the Senate meeting, held on 7 April 1973, the recommendation from General Faculties Council was approved and the Senate voted unanimously to award Immanuel Velikovsky the degree Doctor of Arts and Science, Honoris Causa.

Letter of J. Oshiro to I. Velikovsky, April 12, 1973 offering honorary degree

Letter of I. Velikovsky to J. Oshiro, April 30, 1973 accepting honorary degree

Velikovsky’s keynote address: “Cultural Amnesia: The Submergence of Terrifying Events in the Racial Memory and their Later Emergence”

Afterword, by Immanuel Velikovsky, Friday May 10, 1974

Velikovsky’s Address to the Chancellor’s Dinner, Friday May 10, 1974

At the annual Spring Convocation ceremony held on 11 May 1974 Immanuel Velikovsky, M. D., was presented to the Chancellor of the University of Lethbridge, James Oshio, M. D., by University President and Vice-Chancellor W. E. Beckel. Dr. Oshiro conferred on Dr. Velikovsky the degree of Doctor of Arts and Science (Honoris Causa).

Velikovsky’s Address to the Convocation Dinner, Saturday May 11, 1974

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