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July 16, 1946

Dear Professor Einstein:

I thought carefully of what you wrote in your letter of July 8, for which I thank you very much. I thank you also wholeheartedly for the time you gave me on July 5, and for reading a part of my Ms “Worlds in Collision.”

I was perfectly aware that my historical cosmology is in conflict with the accepted physical laws, and because of that I asked you to read it. You stress two instances. The reversal of rotation (not revolution) is attested not only in traditions but also in geo-physics: the magnetization of rocks “indicate that the polarity of the Earth has been completely reversed within recent geological times.” . . .

In the last part of my cosmology I try to solve the problem of the conflicting geological and historical data versus the accepted laws.

Best regards to Miss H. Dukas who received us with friendliness at your home.

Very truly yours,

Immanuel Velikovsky